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Revised command syntax: Do even more with the design commands: scale, rotate, and transform. AutoCAD now supports the revised command syntax for more functional design commands. New tools for modifying and capturing your designs are now available, including direct commands to change properties and add new objects to drawings. (video: 1:55 min.)Animation:Improvements to the animation engine, allowing you to apply a defined path more quickly to a target. The ability to import the existing animation data when creating a new one. New automated animation scripting with operations. (video: 2:55 min.)Movespace:Ensure that your design components remain in their proper position and arrangement throughout the drawing creation process by allowing the creation of movepaths that wrap around all visible components. Reduces the need to use visible components to create objects in the drawing, and provides a way to track design changes and see the results in real time. (video: 1:57 min.)Custom Toolbars:Configure your own custom toolbars for command and parameter lists, then save them to a new toolbox. Create a new toolbar by choosing the command from a context menu. Commands, toolbars, and groups can now be defined as Visual Basic code that runs when the command is used, allowing you to combine new commands with existing ones. New graphical tools for custom toolbar creation.SVG Support:You can now import SVG files into AutoCAD, and easily edit them as you would any other shape object.Designer:When converting between the 2D and 3D space, use the Geometric Constraints editor to choose which direction to snap to. (video: 1:03 min.)Revised Object Snap:The revised Object Snap lets you easily align and reference objects with neighboring features, regardless of the orientation of your drawing. New snap types, including 2D projections, 3D intersections, and many other types. The ability to change the snap method for a feature, whether you’re doing a 2D or 3D snap.Layer Manager:Make faster and easier changes to the layers of your drawing. The Layer Manager now has a built-in show/hide feature to hide layers that aren’t in the active drawing area, and you can instantly reorder your layers. Easily use the Layer Manager to jump between layers in your drawing 2be273e24d


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