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Empowered Consumers Make Informed Decisions: Know Your Cannabis Dosing

Whether you are a new cannabis consumer or a seasoned one, it is important to know what you are consuming and the amounts of THC in flower or concentrates. To help you make wise decisions on dosing cannabis, here is some data on the levels of THC found in common methods of cannabis ingestion. Always keep in mind that the levels of THC vary from plant to plant and from strain to strain, including whether a plant is indica or sativa. Today’s cannabis plants are much more potent due to better growing techniques. The amount of THC in a cannabis plant ranges from 5% up to 30%. Products containing THC can have as much as 99% THC content.

The average “high” from flower or concentrates can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. The effect of edibles can last anywhere between four to six hours. For the latter, it is always best to wait an hour or longer for the effect to kick and it is advised to at least wait an hour before consuming more edibles.

Knowing the dosing of each method of cannabis consumption is helpful in ensuring a positive result and experience. Broken down by method of ingestion, the amounts of THC are as follows:

Joint: The average amount of THC in a joint is 30 – 50 mg.

Bowl: The average amount of THC in a bowl (pipe) of cannabis is 30 mg.

1 g Flower = .28 g (280 mg) oil/concentrate.

1 g Hash Oil/Shatter/Wax: Up to 99% THC.

Dab (One hit of hash oil): Is the equivalent to a bowl full of cannabis, or up to 30 mg.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): 60% – 90% THC.

Tincture: Approximately 90 mg THC per one-ounce bottle.

Reversing a High

A bad cannabis experience is never any fun. Since THC levels do vary from plant to plant and product to product, and sometimes unfortunate within same product lines because of quality control issues, a bad experience is possible. Fortunately, a bad experience can be reversed and it is really easy to do.

Food – There is a reason people get munchies when they are high and then almost completely “sobering up” after a massive food sesh. This is because food, fatty and sugary foods specifically, can bring a high down and reverse a negative experience. The best foods for this are any food high in fat and sugar, like a brownie or a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Those who want more natural foods can eat an avocado and banana, or a banana and a handful of nuts for vegans, drink a yogurt smoothie, basically any combination of natural fats and sugars will get you right as rain and back to an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

CBD – Cannabidiol (CBD) is works amazingly well to neutralize an uncomfortable experience. We recommend keeping a sublingual tincture, lozenges or gummies around as they are the fastest acting. You can also avoid an uncomfortable experience by consuming strains with a high CBD content which are less intense and less psychedelic and provide more of a relaxing effect.

Black Peppercorn – Chewing on a whole black peppercorn or sniffing black peppercorn (carefully if it is powder) is very soothing. It is said to provide almost instant relief for cannabis induced anxiety.

Lastly, it is a myth that mangos increase a cannabis high or elongates the effects. It felt appropriate to address that here. Also, people have different tolerances to cannabis products so each experience will always be individualized. For information on edibles, pleased follow our guide. For more information, feel free to reach out to us via our chat feature, phone call, or email listed on our main page.

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