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Cannabis Consumers Coalition Founder Larisa Bolivar Calls for Federal Marijuana Offender Clemency

Today, The Weldon Project and the CAN-DO Foundation announced the submission of a celebrity endorsed letter to President Trump listing 25 nonviolent federal marijuana prisoners serving long sentences who deserve Presidential clemency.

Cannabis Consumers Coalition Founder Larisa Bolivar signed on to this letter, noting, "President Trump has the opportunity to commence a historic action by showing mercy to the individuals listed in this letter, who are all serving unjust and extraordinarily long sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenses. Mercy is the greatest power of the President, and we should encourage this administration and the next to respect the will of the American people as voters continue to support an end to prohibition and incarceration for cannabis."

In a press release, Weldon Angelos, who helped organize the letter, stated: “It’s ridiculous that we currently have a billionaire in the cannabis industry, yet we are keeping select individuals in prison for doing the exact same thing. This is just another example of a wasteful and destructive criminal justice system. I firmly believe President Trump will strongly consider fixing some of the most egregious sentences that we have brought to his attention. He’s the first president on modern history to commute a number of sentences in his first few years in office. Traditionally, pardons and commutations happen at the end of a presidency, and so this pattern gives us some comfort that we will get justice for some of them.”

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition believes that advocacy for the release of nonviolent marijuana offenders, along with expungement of those offenses, is a core part of its mission to protect and defend the interests of cannabis consumers in the United States.

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