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Consumer Certified Socially Responsible Business

Founder and executive Director, Larisa Bolivar, M.A., has devoted her career in cannabis towards social justice endeavors. Beginning in 2002 when she officially began helping Ken Gorman, the founder of the original Denver 420 Rally, organize protests and rallies around Colorado. In 2015, she graduated with honors from the Regis University, a private Jesuit university in Denver, with a master’s in public policy with a concentration in cannabis policy reform. She wrote her thesis on the need for social equity in cannabis to increase diversity which is entitled “Enduring racial disparity after cannabis legalization.” It is in her thesis that the recommendation for creating for using cannabis tax revenue to create grants and loans for social equity applicants can be found.

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Together, with NDICA, the Cannabis Consumers Coalition has been working on a certification program for companies found to be socially responsible and socially equitable. This means that the company is actively engaged in repairing the harms caused by the War on Drugs as well as other positive community oriented projects that show the company is socially responsible so that cannabis consumers can spend their hard-earned dollars confidently and know that their purchases are contributing to the greater good.



To learn more about the program and how to receive a certification as a socially equitable company, please email

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