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Cannabis Consumer Bill of Rights, Adopted 2014

We believe that any free-market, including the cannabis market, would not be possible without consumers, who come first in the industry.

We demand superior customer service and business integrity.  This means ensuring the accurate weight of products, accurate reporting of levels of THC and CBD, and clear and detailed labeling.

We stand against price gouging and demand fair prices for cannabis consumers.  This includes opposing excessive taxation that incentivizes black market activity.

We support a well regulated marijuana industry that enables the growth of all marijuana businesses, big or small, in a responsible manner that sets industry standards.

We believe that all businesses should be held to ethical standards, and take a stand against unethical business practices, such as market manipulation, use of banned chemicals, and poor treatment of employees.

We call for transparency among industry groups and cannabis businesses, including their positions on policies impacting cannabis consumers.

We require that all cannabis businesses are in compliance with industry regulations, and that their employees are well trained.

We understand the vulnerability of youthful audiences and support responsible marketing that targets adult audiences as well as advertising that deter minors from consuming cannabis.

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