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The Cannabis Consumers Coalition is a  501(c)(3) consumer advocacy and watchdog organization engaged in consumer protection in the cannabis industry. Our mission is to be the voice of cannabis consumers in the cannabis industry to ensure consumer rights, provide consumer education, and promote ethical behavior on behalf of cannabis related businesses.


Empowering cannabis consumers is at the heart of what we stand for and we do this by helping to create a consumer-centric and trustworthy cannabis industry through advocacy, activism, education, and policy work. Supporting consumers’ via educational campaigns, political and social advocacy, and calls to action.


We are a nonpartisan organization that works collectively to educate consumers and the general public. The Cannabis Consumers Coalition strives to set industry standards in the areas of public safety, quality control, pricing, pesticide and fertilizer use, labeling, testing, customer service, ethical business practices, consumer rights, and any emerging issues impacting cannabis consumers.


The Cannabis Consumers Coalition was created out of a need for a voice for the cannabis consumer that was not influenced by industry attorneys,  lobbyists and special interests.


Cannabis Consumers Coalition is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help create a cannabis industry that is competitive and puts the needs of consumers first and are immensely proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change, protect cannabis consumers, and in creating an ethical cannabis industry.



The Cannabis Consumers Coalition believes that high quality of cannabis is only possible with a free and open market. Current licensing restrictions limit the number of operators and do not reflect the diversity of cannabis consumers. It also lowers the bar for competition resulting in subpar cannabis.


The Cannabis Consumers Coalition has a record of passing laws impacting safety and setting standards to protect cannabis consumer. This includes, but is not limited to ensuring the safe use of  pesticide and fertilizers, product testing standards, and procuring cannabis at safe and well secured shops.



The Cannabis Consumers Coalition works hard to create a cannabis industry that cannabis consumers trust. This includes but is not limited to ensuring quality products and services, promoting transparent policy and business processes, and creating a open and free market that promotes competition.



8644 W. Colfax Ave., Ste. 210, Lakewood CO 80215

‪(720) 460-0152‬

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